HOA Community Meeting EXTRA - IN FOCUS: Debrecen


HOA organized the first episode of the Community Meeting EXTRA events in 2018 on 10 May 2018.

This year, HOA considers as a crucial activity promoting the largest Hungarian cities, besides Budapest, as important destinations for investors who decide investing in Hungary in the business services and outsourcing sector by setting up service centers in the countryside. The first instance of this mission was the organization of this event. 
On our first Community Meeting EXTRA event, the city  of Debrecen and the companies having business services centers in the city (and members of the Debrecen BSC Roundtable supported by HOA - see below) introduced the city and themselves.

The event was opened by Balázs G.NAGY (President, HOA) and Róbert ÉSIK (President, HIPA).
The speakers of the event were:  Dr. Lajos BARCSA  (Vice-Mayor, City of Debrecen), Mr. Péter SZOBONYA (Head of Economic Development, EDC); besides, the member companies of the Debrecen BSC Roundtable presented themselves, their experiences gained  having a business services center in the city and also the history and activities of the Debrecen BSC Roundtable. The members of the BSC Roundtable in Debrecen are: BT, Flowserve, NI, Transcosmos, ITSH, CloudAgents. The   objectives, plans and activities of the Debrecen BSC Roundtable were presented by Márta BEDE from NI.

The new office building, Forest Offices, was also presented by the developer company and real estate companies dealing with the promotion of the 22.000 sqm2 the new building offers. The scale-model of the building was displayed at the venue and participants had the chance to contemplate all the details of the new building. 
The event was supported by EDC of Debrecenand Forest Offices
We would also like to thank Zsolt SZMOLINKA (CloudAgents), our HOA Board Member responsible for the development of the Hungarian regions and cities, for all the efforts in order to organize such a successful event. The HOA Community Meeting EXTRA event series will be continued in Q3.