Round Table Series

We are happy to introduce our new online event series. We have created an exclusive opportunity for C+ level leaders in the Business Services Sector.

HOA Round Table discussions will be about the exchange of experience, and best practice sharing within a small group of executive leaders.

Every month we are going to discuss a topic within a group of 12-15 executives, starting with leaders of Service Centers employing up to 300 people, following up with the 300-800 category, and finally 800+.

During the first half of the year, the focus will be on recruitment, integration, upskilling of employees, and, of course, proactive approaches to the „new norm”.

We aim to explore and discuss openly how organizations of different sizes manage the challenges of today’s world. Round table discussions will be moderated by Monika Slomska, HOA President.

First Round Table meeting on the following date:  30/03/2022

Every Round Table starts at 9.00 AM and is planned to end at 11.00 AM.

For member companies, participation is free of charge. Registration for non-member companies is 10.000 HUF+VAT.

Are you a C+ level leader in the sector, and would like to share or learn from your peers?

We look forward to welcoming you!

In case of interest, please contact us via email address.