President's Testimonial

Over 22 years ago, I made a big choice regarding my career. I left my original profession and decided to join the Hungarian shared services sector, which at the time was something fairly unknown, new, and exciting. I actually became the fifth new member of the second-ever service center in Hungary. To this day, the sector fuels my passion for my work, with its constant innovations that keep on inspiring me as a leader. My biggest goal is to cultivate a community that consists of professionals with a similar approach, and contribute to these innovations that the sector is known for.

The HOA was created 15 years ago, with the same goal in mind. Now that I am its president, together with my colleagues, board members, and associates we share a vision, based on the fact that this organization has tremendous potential in playing a key role in the development of the shared services sector in Hungary. Although the last few years had proven to be quite a challenge in numerous aspects, service centers managed to adapt exceptionally to changes, thanks to their already outstanding digital compliance. Furthermore, said changes led to the recognition of new opportunities never imagined before. Time has proven that these centers are indeed capable of managing change on the highest level of complexity - and even expanding their business opportunities while doing so.

By constantly tuning in to the market’s needs and trends in the sector and its related fields, taking appropriate action to work together with the inevitable changes as opposed to working against them, and last but not least, providing comprehensive research regularly in order to strengthen the understanding of the sector’s practices and structure in- and outside the sector itself, it is safe to say that we are to be counted with when it comes to business services and shared services. I thank you for your support in this and look forward to expanding the association even further with more excellent companies present in Hungary.

Monika Slomska