To be a HOA member a business has to be based in Hungary, has to accept our statutes and needs the board’s positive decision about the membership. The board is accepting all membership applications of all businesses which activities are in line with the goals set in HOA’s statutes, and no suspicion of unfair business practices arises against them.

The Members’ obligation is to pay the membership fee and to submit a specified range of data to perform market research analysis for Members. Services provided by the Association is defined by the Members’ demand and by the financial possibilities. We demand active participation from our Members in the workgroups.

HOA Membership Fees in 2021

Companies will be classified in 4 membership fee categories based on their size and annual revenue:

Membership category #1

  • Individual Membership for students, academics, entrepreneurs (only 1 person can apply for this type of membership) 
  • Annual membership fee: HUF 30,000,-

Membership category #2

  • Companies with less than 25 employees and up to HUF 100 Million annual revenue
  • Annual membership fee: HUF 135,000,-

Membership category #3

  • Companies with an employee base between 26 – 100, or less than 26 employees with an annual revenue exceeding HUF 100 Million
  • Annual membership fee: HUF 270,000,-

Membership category #4

  • Companies with an employee base between 101 – 250
  • Annual membership fee: HUF 425,000,-

Membership category #5

  • Companies with an employee base exceeding 250
  • Annual membership fee: HUF 590,000,-

The board usually decides about the membership applications within 1 week.

HOA’s Patron Member Program

For it’s Members and Partners the Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association is starting the HOA Patron Member Program from 2011. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen cooperation based on
mutual benefits – and sectoral representation. With these resources we wish to strengthen our sectoral representative role, as well as our professional activity and expand our services.

HOA provides unique design and advertising opportunities in three categories detailed in the documents below.


For membership application, please complete the data sheet and statement below:

Information about application
Membership details
Application form
Please contact our Association before downloading and sending the forms.

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