Leaders' Wellbeing Panel Discussion


In order to be successful leaders, we need to be able to give our best to individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, when we are depleted, drained, burned out, and depressed, it is difficult to give our best. This leads to the lower dedication, lower productivity, and poor professional performance overall.

What should we do to maintain the balance of our mind, body, soul & heart?

We will be discussing this issue with leaders and coaches on March 11th. Join us, tell us your opinion, your experience, share your good practice.


Our coach guests:

  • Brigitta Fűri, senior principal CEE, Consumer/technology/SCC - Spenglerfox
  • Zsolt Olajos, Marketing Expert, 3rdGen

Our guest on behalf of the centers:

  • Jeroen Kirschbaum, lead country manager and lead controller, Global Business Center, ExxonMobil
  • Balázs Sooki-Tóth, head of Business Service Center Budapest, Sanofi 
  • Csaba Szende, Head of Business Services, Europe at Trivium Packaging
  • Miklós Koczor, Snr Director - Site Lead GBS Budapest at Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Judit Forgács, HOA Board Member

 Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration is required in order to receive the joining instructions.