HOA Strategic Platform Workshop


As a new forum, HOA has created its HOA Strategic Platform and invited top leaders of the twenty the largest BSCs/SSCs/BPOs in Hungary to join forces and think and act together for the future of the Business Services Sector.
The first meeting of the platform was held on 27 June 2018 in the form of a Strategic Brainstorming Workshop at the McKinsey & Co. HQ in Budapest, as our professional partner McKinsey & Co. provided professional execution of the workshop by moderating the event and summarizing the day in a strategic document and presentation material.
The findings and results are input for the further activities of the HOA Strategic Platform and are the basis for our HOA Position Paper 2018 in Hungary

The results and the HOA Position Paper 2018will be presented to the top leaders of our HOA members and members of the HOA Strategic Platform at the next HOA Executive Club to be organized on 18 October 2018 (for the details please see the HOA Top Event section of this newsletter.