HOA General Assembly


HOA organized its Gereral Assembly Meeting 2018 on 22 March 2018. We would like to thank Ágoston Papp and the CRH staff for providing us the venue for our annual General Assembly.
During the event, HOA President, Balázs G.Nagy, provided an overview on last year's activities and the plans for 2018.
New members of the HOA Board were elected for the next two-year term by the members present at the General Assembly. They are: Carina Curtis (Citi), Péter Fazekas (Acelity) and Zsolt Szmolinka (CloudAgents).
Former board members, Zsuzsanna Gombkötő (NÜSZ Zrt.) and István Katona (Celanese), were re-elected for another two-year term. 
The HOA Ethics Committee also has a new memberRita Cséke (REED) replacing Lili Dallos (REED) who held the position for several years and now is expecting her baby. We would like to thank Lili for all her efforts and wish her and family the best!