Office Park

Your future workplace on the banks of the Danube

Have you heard of Millennium Gardens? This future office project located in the Millennium
City Center of Budapest is TriGranit’s newest development with 37,000 sqm GLA. Being
constructed on the banks of the Danube, the development is currently moving forward with
its structural works in order to serve tenants from 2020 with its highest building standards.
As a tenant of Millennium Gardens, you will find yourself in a well-connected city district
with easy access to various cultural and entertainment opportunities as well as service units
and to any other party of the city by means of public transport. Just to mention a few, MÜPA
Budapest, the National Theatre, the future Events Hall and the nearby Budapest Park, as well
as the A38 Event ship are nearby supporting recreation and lively life after the working
hours. For nature lovers, a unique, well-maintained 1,5 km long green promenade provides
place for relaxation with view over the Buda hills and the Danube. This spectacular view will
be available from most of the offices making the building an ideal workplace.
Inside the building, spacious and bright areas, inspiring office spaces with large green
surfaces, lots of common spaces and terraces will support independent and teamwork,
productivity as well as relaxation between the busy working hours. In addition to these, the
building will have facilities for more than 200 bicycles including changing rooms and
showers, as well as several e-car chargers along with more than 600 parking spaces.
What is additionally unique in the project, that it is constructed in a way, that it can suit both
for office and for hotel purposes as well.
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