HOA Business Outlook Q2 is out soon!

Dear Members & Partners,

Our second Business Outlook this year is coming out really soon – on the 19th of May – and as usual, we are going to host a panel discussion about the results!

What do you think the sector will be like in 5 years?

What are the key factors influencing its future?

Many of you have already given us their highly valuable insights and experiences – now let us present the results!

Find it all out on our next Business Breakfast – on the 19th of May from 9 AM until 11 AM in the Kinnarps Showroom – and make sure to prepare all your questions for the experts!


You can also get a copy of the result for yourself for the below prices:

  • HOA Members participating in the Survey: Free of charge
  • HOA Members not participating in the Survey: 20 000 HUF + VAT
  • NON-HOA Members participating in the survey: 20 000 HUF + VAT
  • NON-HOA Members not participating in the survey: 40 000 + VAT

Indicate your intention to purchase a copy of the Business Outlook at hoa@hoa.hu!