HOA General Assembly 2022 is coming up!


The HOA is going to have its next General Assembly on the 25th of May. One of the key points of the agenda is the election of new Board members. While many members of the Board will continue to fill in their roles, and do so gladly, we are also looking to expand and refresh the points of view that meet in our Board meetings and thus take our ability to drive the sector forward to the next level. Negotiations with the ABSL are underway for the HOA to transform into ABSL Hungary, which will greatly expand our opportunities to act in the interest of the sector.

Would YOU like to take part in leading the change? Are you interested in a vibrant network of up-to-date knowledge and decision-making? Apply now to be a Board member or even the President of the Board. 

Please send us an e-mail to hoa@hoa.hu - by the 13th of May - in case you are interested!


Let us call to your attention that our positions inside the HOA are all filled by the leaders of HOA member companies – if you are not a member yet, and would like to apply to either of the positions, we will be delighted to send you a one-pager detailing some of the key membership benefits, as well as discuss it with you one-on-one, before you join us.